The Internship Movie Review (Spoiler-Free)



I first came into this movie ready to be disappointed. I expected a film that had a few jokes that are laughable but in the end it’ll be utter garbage. I mean Vince Vaughn just did The Watch, a truly horrible film that no one should watch even if they’re blind or deaf, and I thought it was going to be like that. Or it was going to be Wedding Crashers part 2.  But I was wrong.

This movie stars Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson who play Billy and Nick, two partner salesmen struggling to make a sale especially in the time of technology. They eventually lose their jobs going off to their separate ways until Billy gains an idea of applying for an internship in Google. Together, Billy and Nick venture into Google after quite a disastrous interview, managing to get in by one vote. Like many would expect, they were the odd men out. To receive an internship, each person forms a group and in their group, they must overcome a series of obstacles and solve problems, and in the end, only one group out of hundreds can win the internship. With Billy and Nick’s group of outsiders, they become close together almost like family after a shaky start, and conquer each obstacle along the way.

Now, this movie isn’t going to win the Oscars or anything but it’s a very fun, comedic movie that I enjoyed throughout the duration of the film.

The movie started off slow and that’s when I began to thought of my prejudgment to be true.  But then they reach Google, and that’s where the movie took off. There were lots of laughs throughout the movie and I thoroughly enjoyed much of the movie especially when they play Quidditch. Owen Wilson was great in the movie as Nick, and actually didn’t annoy me like he usually does. Vince Vaughn was also good in his role as Billy and it took me longer to warm up to him but in the end, I enjoyed his performance and his character. The supporting roles were good too and enjoyable.

There were surprising cameos by many stars. Will Ferrell was funny and I’m glad he only had a small role. Any role that John Goodman does is great.

Now this isn’t a movie that you have to absolutely see and go out to the theaters for. But, if you’re feeling stressed out, angry at the world, or just plain pissed off, this might be the movie for you. It’ll make you laugh and it’s a feel good movie. It doesn’t have the best plot and a lot of it is stupid, but you just don’t care. Because throughout the movie, you’re having fun and smiling the whole time and wishing you work for Google, or wish you bought a stock from Google before they took off (regrets).