Now You See Me Movie Review (Spoiler-Free)


As this movie won’t come out until May 31, I’ll keep it spoiler free.

Now You See Me stars Jessie Eisenberg as Michael Atlas, Mark Ruffalo as Dylan Hobbs, Woody Harrelson as Merritt Osbourne, Isla Fisher as Henley, and Dave Franco as Jack. A group of magicians: Atlas, Osbourne, Henley, and Jack, are united and together they call themselves the Four Horsemen. They team up and together, and they become practically the most popular magicians in the world. But throughout their shows, they become this Robin Hood archetype and help their audience out. They give money to the audience and don’t receive anything in return. But, this whole time, they’ve just been following orders. Someone has been telling them what to do all along. The same person that united them in the first place. And that person, is one of the mysteries in the movie.

The FBI however feel that these “illusionists” are trouble and try to stop them, especially after they allegedly broke into a bank, and gave away all the money. That’s where FBI agent, Dylan Hobbs, played by Mark Ruffalo and Interpol detective, played by Melanie Laurent, come in. The motto in this movie, often stated in the duration of this movie, is: “The closer you think you are, the less you’ll actually see.” And that is the main objective in this movie. Hobbs, throughout this movie, think nothing of this group. You can see his arrogance seep through and he feels confident that he will capture these individuals. However, he is totally and utterly wrong. What’s really fun in this movie are the twists. There’s plenty of them. Just like Hobbs, the audience gets sucked into the storyline and the whole time, you’re trying to figure out what the group is going to do next. You think something is going to happen, but in fact, it’s the opposite of that. Or you become suspicious of a person or because of a scene, and you try to figure out what’s actually going on. Some of these twists don’t work but a lot of them do. The Interpol detective works alongside Dylan Hobbs and she’s a nice addition in this movie. She tries to keep him grounded, often trying to make him stop at the scene and look at the big picture. Hobbs gets played with a lot and loses it sometimes and often made to look like a fool.

Michael Caine plays a small role in this movie but he’s great in it. He plays a wealthy and corrupt businessman, named Arthur Tressler, that funds the Four Horsemen. However, the Four Horsemen have a hidden agenda against him, and he too gets played, and rather well.

Morgan Freeman is in this movie as well. He’s a former magician, who now makes a living by revealing many magicians’ secrets, showing to the world that magic is not real, and they’re just in fact illusionists who play audiences. As a former magician, he practically knows what the Four Horsemen will do and throughout this movie, Hobbs and Tressler enlists him for help to try to stop these magicians. But, like many people in this movie, he too has a hidden agenda.

Now You See Me is a fun flick. It’s fairly comedic at times and some of the action scenes are great. The special effects were awesome as well. The movie at times runs a little slow through the middle but then picks right up. The acting was great especially by Mark Ruffalo. The rest of cast was good too but nothing spectacular. However, like many movies that has come out, there’s a big twist. I didn’t particularly like it as I didn’t understand it. There may be clues throughout this movie on why it happened, and I may need to see the movie again to see if there are really any. The twist ruined the whole plot of this movie. Or, maybe, the quote, “The closer you think you are, the less you’ll actually see.” is applied to the audience watching this movie as well. Maybe I was being played throughout this movie because I was looking too close at all the little hints. Maybe I needed to step back and see the whole picture. See what the movie is all about. If that’s the case, which I hope it is, then this would change the whole movie for me. Overall, it was fun summer flick. It’s not something that has to be seen in the theaters but not something you shouldn’t see. It was enjoyable and particularly a unique, revenge story that I have never seen before. It’s refreshing to see an authentic movie as there isn’t a lot of those out there especially within the past year.

(On the side note, I was geeking out throughout this movie. I mean you have Alfred Pennyworth and Lucius Fox, and then you have Bruce Banner/Hulk. I mean you have DC and Marvel in the same movie. I’m overreacting but hey, I’m a geek.)

3.5 stars

This rating might change when I see this movie again. I’m still unsure about my feelings of the movie entirely.


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